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Return and Warranty Policy

INNOVATRIX Repairs offers a limited 180 day warranty on parts & repairs that starts on the day that the device is picked up.

Note that the troubleshooting fee of $25+tax is non-refundable.

Our clients are important to us and we try our best to offer you products and services of quality.

Warranty on Parts


1. If a part is deemed defective, we will replace it as soon as possible at no additional cost. 

 2. If the problem persist, we will offer to replace it again at no additional cost using a part from a different batch or offer a reimbursement

 3. On rare occasions, some problems may appear as a part issue when in reality the problem is with the circuit board controlling them. If we suspect that this is the case we will provide you with a new quote. You will not be charged or you will be reimbursed for the part previously installed if it was not actually required to remedy the problem. If the new quote is refused, there will be no additional charges.

Warranty on Repairs

 1. Some problems will sometimes share the same symptoms. If a repair did not resolved the problem, you will not be billed for the repair, or reimbursed in the event the repair was prepaid. We may offer a new quote to repair your device, if the new quote is refused, there will be no additional charges.

 2. Intermittent problems can sometimes be deceiving. In the event that we performed a repair and problem returns within our warranty period, we will have a second look at the device at no additional charges. We may attempt to perform the repair a 2nd time if we believe there was a problem with the 1rst repair attempt.

 3. If the problem persist after the 2nd repair attempt, You will have the option to have your device reevaluated for a new repair quote, or to have a reimbursement if you prefer to stop the repair attempt. 

Voided Warranty

 1. If the part that was replaced is physically damaged, the warranty will be voided. As an example this could be cracked glass on a new screen, cracked LCD in a new screen assembly, broken pins inside a new charge port.

 2. If the device, or the replaced part has been tempered with, the warranty will be voided.

 3. If the device shows signs of new liquid damage since the pick up date, the warranty will be voided

Note: If a part appears to be defective, but has been damaged before it was returned to us. The warranty will be voided.

If you suspect your part to be defective, please contact us and return the part as soon as possible.

Return of Merchandise  

 1. Return of merchandise will be accepted for up to 14 days after it's purchased.

 2. In order to return an item, it must have it's original packaging undamaged, and have all the parts included as it was upon the purchase and the receipt 

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