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INNOVATRIX Repairs is a specialized shop that focuses on delivering high quality electronic repairs. We focus on cellphone, tablet, gaming console, and television repairs. We also perform advance circuit board repairs such as water damage, micro soldering, and data recovery.

Our Goal

Technology is always improving at a rapid rate, and so must we!

At INNOVATRIX Repairs, we strive to keep up with the rate changes, and increased complexity of electronic devices. By extensively studying how most components of a device interacts together, we are able to offer solutions to previously deemed non-reparable devices, or offer costly repairs at lower prices by replacing the actual component at fault instead of the entire piece that it is connected to. 

We aim to offer you affordable repair alternatives to replacing an otherwise good device.

With the alarming increase in electronic pollution in the world, we hope to have an impact on reducing the amount of good devices being thrown away. We aim to achieve this with our repairs for our local customers, and for organizations such as schools, governments, businesses, and other repair shops across the Maritimes. 


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